No April Fool’s, but Apple’s Tim Cook apologized to Chinese customers


Apple Inc.’s CEO Tim Cook signed an apologetic letter to Chinese customers over warranty disputes that have heated for the last couple of weeks, promising to ramp up the warranty policies of Apple products in China. The letter, which was published on the Apple China website written in Chinese, is quite an unusual thing for Apple given the company’s unyielding characteristic for public relations . This echoes the soaring growth of the Chinese market for Apple, and of course, underscores its importance that is recognized by the tech giant. 

The letter, bearing traces of wording awkwardness from translation, magnifies baby steps Apple is taking trying to reinforce its market hold that needs be supported by things that go beyond just flashy products. The disputes that the letter is trying to address might not have much commercial impact, however, it doesnt necessarily rule out the possibility that the Chinese government could take this stepping stone and build tough regulations for foreign companies trying to do business in China. 

America certainly hasnt been giving Chinese companies a rosy time: Huawei is almost painted as a Chinese espionage scheme, same with ZTE, which could well serve as a reason for the Chinese government to pouch back. Although on the sideline, the Chinese government devoting all the spot light on Apple and many other foreign companies such as KFC under Yum! Brands and Volkswagen, could be an attempt to divert the public attention on the consumer product safety of domestic brands. 



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