What a pity–Bo Xilai expelled from the poker face club


The Chinese Communist Party’s stage cleaning for its coming leadership handover has finally reached the biggest “dirt”.

Bo Xilai, the former leader of the Chongqing District is expelled from the Communist Party and stripped of all the positions he holds in the Party. He will also go under a criminal investigation of his involving in the murder case of Neil Heywood, a British businessman, and other charges from corruption to improper sexual behaviors.

This is not good news for me for sentimental reasons. I spent my teenage years in the City of Dalian of Liaoning Province, where Bo used to be the mayor and the party leader. Same for most of my old friends from high school, Bo was considered a great mayor who did good to the city. He promoted trade between the city&the province and partners such as Japan and Russia. He also made the city look phenomenal. Big open recreational areas were built throughout the city under his guidelines. The Sea Star Square Park on the shore, for example, was opened in 1993 and is 176 million square meters in size, the largest city square in Asia. In case you didnt know, having parks in Chinese cities are really important to the well-being of the people. Because given the pollution, and the over-population, parks could be the last place for the city dwellers to catch a break. Bo did a great job on this.

In Chinese politics, when you go down, you REALLY go down. Bo has already got like a million charges over his head, a lot of which repetitive and even suspicious. For example, corruption and abuse of power, I dont really see the necessity of listing the same type of charges twice. Also, the charge of improper sexual behaviors? I dont care if it is even true or not, but Chinese prisons could be seriously flooded if every politician convicted with that charge were to sent behind bars. All these tag-along charges are trying to make sure Bo will be buried for good, and honestly, really tacky.

On paper, Bo made great achievements cracking down gangs when he was the party leader of the Chongqing Province. Fourteen powerful gangs were shutdown and almost 300 cases were filed related to the movement, according to a report on china.com.cn.. But during the process, Bo was said to have played too much hardball on many people involved. Old news: powerful gangs are never independent from local authorities, and maybe even higher up.

Where there is a game, there is a loser. It is such a weird feeling to watch this show taking over the Chinese political landscape and how it has been exemplified as a look into modern Chinese politics.

Bo’s political life is officially over. There are even condolences-like articles floating on the internet about him, ranging from how he doesnt have a sense of music when he was in the elementary school, to interviews from his high school teachers and old school mates.

May he rest in peace.



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