Comparing Chinese provinces’s GDP with countries


Economist just posted a roll-over graphic for readers to compare the GDP of Chinese provinces with countries. Here’s a snap shot of what it looks like:

China has the world’s second large economy right now, and this is a great way to show just how big it is. Some of the numbers might be over-exaggerated. Well, given the pressure from the central government to reach certain goals, local government might have just reported that they did to avoid embarrassment and troubles.

However, when it comes to GDP per person, the numbers drop significantly, and actually kind of sad. Take my hometown province for example, the total GDP is the equivalent of United Arab Emirates, but GDP per person is only about $10,772, which is below the U.S. poverty line for a one-person family. On the world GDP per capita list, China ranks about in the middle. This means that, in this country, which might appear like a looming GDP beast to many of the foreigners, most of the Chinese people are still leading a life of low-quality.


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