Landfill story


Beth Ready’s property can be seen in the distance as a bulldozer mixes dirt with trash Monday afternoon, Sept. 27, 2010, at the Fulton Solid Waste Landfill. Ready’s house is half a mile from the landfill and says the landfill has been causing various problems including odor, litter and excess methane levels in the past two years. Photo by Yue Jiang

Fulton Landfill Emits Methane Gas

After methane was detected on resident’s properties, the city took action to contain the gas.

Some Fulton homeowners around the Fulton Solid Waste Landfill have been dealing with methane gas on their property. During a city council meeting held Tuesday Sept. 28 2010, city officials of Fulton Missouri came together to discuss city business. One of the topics of the discussion was a house, bought by the city last year, near the Fulton Solid Waste Landfill located on County Rd. 305.

The city decided to buy the house from the previous owner because of a methane gas problem on the property. The gas is from the landfill’s underground decomposing garbage.

The house nearest to the landfill was bought by the city because of the methane problem. Photo by: Yue Jiang

Lewis Silverman, Director of Undergraduate Laboratories of Chemistry at the University of Missouri, says the gas can travel to surrounding areas.

“It’s lighter than air gas, so if it’s collecting it’s going to rise. It has a very low molecular weight. Lighter then air gasses float, Methane floats.”

As the gas rises into the air, the wind carries it to the surround community. Elma Deboise, a neighbor of the now vacant house, describes what happened to her neighbor.

“The gas got too bad, and the city bought him out. Now me and my husband are gonna get our land checked for the gasses too.”

The DeBiose residency is less than five hundred yards from the empty house, but the city has not contacted the DeBoise family about leaving their home.

The vacant house is scheduled for demolition later this year. It will be torn down in order for the city to rebuild another house to sell once the gas levels come down.


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