I will keep showing up


A radio story I did for KBIA was aired this Thursday morning in the Business Beat, KBIA’s weekly feature program focusing on apparently business in Mid-Missouri. This is the first journalistic piece in English of mine that got published or aired.

I was putting on clothes that morning when my voice just flied out of the radio. I was stunned for a second and was like, wait a minute, this was me, in the radio!! I didn’t expected it because it was two weeks ago when I turned in this story, and only had an uncertain word from Janet Saidi, the news director at KBIA that they might use my story in the Business Beat. My piece wasn’t aired in the Business Beat in following week, and I thought they might just throw it into the morning news bundle or even in the afternoon. But there was no sign of that happening in the week after, either. I almost started to comfort myself about the failure when my piece got aired.

I allowed myself to emerse in this pure joy and comfort for a whole day. I hugged pretty much everyone I saw that day, with Professor Byron Scott being the first one (I hope he didn’t mind me being a little sweaty from the biking in the morning), because going to the Global Journalist show was the first thing for me on Thursdays, and Professor Scott happened to be the host that day, and I found him in the suspenders trousers kinda cute.

Okay, back to my story. It was about Delta Airlines decides to forgo the federal subsidy while continuing to proivde airline service through Columbia Regional Airport.  The increase in passengers made it possible for Delta Airlines to run a profitable business here, even though it would be nice if there is federal subsidy, but the subsidy comes with an operational guidelines that Delta has to follow, so after balancing all the factors, Delta made the decision to forgo the subsidy starting September.

I pitched this idea for the bi-weekly project, but got struck down because it looked more like a day-turn story. But as the reporting went on, it turned out to be a story that should’ve deserved a week of reporting. The lessons I learnt from this are do as much as pre-reporting as you can, so you can speak for the legitimacy of my story pitches; and the other one is to stand firmly with my ideas, don’t get shaked easily by a couple of seemingly sharp questions or doubts anyone may have about my pitch.

Right, back to my story. I was excited that Janet let me voice it and expanded it to a wrap. I got more excited when Janet said I got some good sound bites, and this might be used in the Business Beat. And when it was finally aired, I felt like I was like up high in the sky, above the cloudes, surrounded by lasting gentleness and warmth.

This is more than just the first aired story for me. This is a certificate saying that I’ve survived here. This is gentle strokes on my head with someone saying ”I know you’ve been through a lot, you deserve this”. This is a thumb-up from up-above meaning I’m on the right track, just keep going.

From Augest last year, when I came to this country for the first time, I kept asking myself: Am I nuts here? I’m trying to compete with others with a toolbox that other students were brought up using, by this toolbox I mean their native language and all the social, commicational and cultural codes. I work extremely hard, but most of the times I just got to reach the level that many others might not even notice that they have already reached. (draft, to be continued)


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